Hunan lotus seeds, called xianglian, is the one of Historically known as the three most famous lotus seeds in China, a special product of Hunan Province, and China's national geographical indication product.


Xianglian granules are ellipsoidal, round, uniform, full, and the total length of three mature lotus seeds is one inch, so it is called "inch three lotus."


Xianglian is white in color, delicate in flesh and clear in fragrance. Its total sugar and protein content ranks first among the three major lotus seeds species in China. It is called "China's first lotus seed".


In 1979, Xiangtan County was designated as the national Xianglian export base.

In 1982, the State Commodity Inspection Bureau designated Xiangtan Xianglian as a low-fat, high-protein quality variety.

In 1987, at the first national food fair in Beijing, Xiangtan "inch three lotus" won the first prize and was praised as “the first lotus seed in China”.

In 1995, at the naming convention of the “Hometown of China's Special Products”, Xiangtan County was named “Hometown of Chinese Xianglian”.


Huashi Town, Xiangtan County, Hunan Province is a material handling hub in the south of Xiangtan County. It has become the national Xianglian production base and the lotus seed trade distribution center. It has the national Xianglian production base and the lotus seed trade distribution center.


“Hua Shi Xianglian Market” is a national-scale professional market for processing and trading of Xianglian. The town has planted more than 10,000 acres of Xianglian perennial, and has an area of 400 acres of the King of the Lotus, “China’s inch three lotus Original Seed Field”.


Hunan Sopin Lotus Seed Food Company  湖南尚品莲皇湘莲食品有限公司

located in Huashi Town, Xiangtan County, Hunan Province, China

Relying on Huashi Lotus Seed Market and the unique geographical advantages of “Hunan Lotus seed's Hometown”

We are trying to put the best quality lotus seed products to share with businesses and customers around the world

With the experience of lot of years of lotus seed planting cultivation and processing of ,we have paid for the efforts of several generations and have become friends with customers all over the country and even in the world

We focus on the quality of delivery, and more important is reputation which is more important than our life

We focus on the trade of lotus seed series products. There are :

  • Lotus seeds ( Lotus Nut, Semen Nelumbinis ) series: Iron Lotus seeds ( shell Lotus seeds or black lotus seeds ), red lotus seed , white lotus seed

  • Lotus seed core ( Lotus Plumule )

  • Lotus root ( Lotus rhizomes )

  • Lotus rootlet ( lotus  root sprout )

Also, there is lotus shell, it is the best base material for growing edible mushrooms (mushrooms).