Lotus core, also known as lotus heart, lotus seed core, lotus plumule, Nelumbo nucifera plumule, Nelumbinis Plumula, Plumula Nelumbinis Nuciferae, and so on, it is the green spire and radicle in the middle of the mature seeds of Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn, which is a plant in the family Nymphaeaceae. 

Lotus Seed Core Plumule's Health and Pharmacology Value about-Best Lotus Seed

Cold winter day, people like to eat fat, high quantity of heat food, together with outdoor activities less, so easy get fat, especially the chest, abdomen and hip. Winter to reduce weight, in addition to pay attention to physical exercise outside, eat more of the bitter cold food, recommend drink some lotus core tea, can promote the body to burn a few fat, reduce weight so as to achieve purpose.

It is always a good medicine. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks it has clear heat, solid essence, calm the nerves, the strong heart, hemostatic, acerbity fine effect. 

 Main chemical compositions 

Main chemical compositions are liensinine, isoliensinine, neferine, nuciferine, pronuciferine, lorusine, methylcorypalline, higenamine, armepavine, nelumbine, galuteolin, hyperin, rutin, palmitic acid, unsaturated keto acid, chlorophyll, etc.

 Health benefits of Lotus core 

In Chinese medicine, lotus core is herb with lots of health benefits,its tastes really bitter, and edible but not suitable for direct consumption because it is so bitter. But this unwelcome flavor would be slightly diluted if soaked with boiled water. 

So it is often used as a routine drinking tea for the main purpose of decreasing internal heat. 

Lotus core tastes really bitter, it is known to be beneficial for the heart due to its bitter and cool properties, the bitterness  comes from isoquinoline alkaloids which are believed to induce a calming effect and are also anti-spasmodic in nature. They cause dilation of the blood vessels and thus help in controlling blood pressure levels. In addition, it is good at clearing heart-fire, treating mouth sores, and helping sleep.

Lotus core are traditionally used as a Chinese folklore remedy to clear heart fire and prevent seminal emission. And it one of the most desirable herbs for those insomniacs due to heart-kidney imbalance and fire excess from yin deficiency. From the point of view of clinical application, it is ideal for mild insomnia populations and appropriate diazepam can be added if it fails. In comparison, diazepam may do more harm to the body in long-term use.

Often drink lotus core tea can lose weight, cure constipation.

 Pharmacology value of lotus core 

The lotus core has temporary antihypertensive effect in the form of crystals but shows strong and long-lasting antihypertensive effect in hyamine;

The demethylcoclaurine or higenamine has a significant role in smooth muscle relaxation.

Can cure heart failure, shock, impotence, upset, or thirsty, vomiting blood, spermatorrhea, conjunctival congestion, the disease such as the sore, clear internal heat, ping irascibility, diarrhea spleen fire, drop lung fire, cultivated in addition to bother, fluids, thirst, treat eye irritation. 

It has strong anti-calcium and antiarrhythmic effects;

Can clear heart fire and get rid of freckles.

 Calming Treatment 

Lotus core is a calming decoction that is said to benefit several organs and conditions that are characterized by what Chinese medicine calls "dampness accumulation." Lotus core tea is a remedy that treats the stomach, spleen and liver, and it is also said to treat summer heat syndrome, which is characterized by overheating and sometimes accompanied by a heat rash. Lotus core tea is also effective against high blood pressure because of the tea's alkaloid content, according to the Institute of Traditional Medicine. The tea's calming properties also alleviate restlessness, heart palpitations and insomnia.

 Anti-Hemorrhagic Effect 

Lotus core tea has been used traditionally to control bleeding, are particularly effective for achieving the anti-hemorrhagic effect. The lotus plant contains quercetin and other flavonoids that may be the mechanism of action by improving capillary wall strength, according to the Institute of Traditional Medicine.

 Cancer cure 

Research found that neferine, an organic compound in the lotus seed core, has the potential to kill and hinder the spread of lung cancer cells. 

 Lotus core side effects and contraindications 

Lotus core is considered safe for almost all people since it is with no known drug interactions and adverse reactions. But due to its cold nature, it is not suitable for long-term use. Otherwise, it may do harm to the health, especially on those who have a cold-inclined constitution.