How to eat lotus seed?

2018-07-04 11:51:22 771

Welcome everyone, today I’d like to introduce you to another unusual taste of China. I guess that at least some of you that have been already to China seen something like this being sold by street wendors on Chinese streets and you probably wondered what this might be. well, it’s not that obvious but it’s a lot of seed in China. it’s considered well a snack. how do you eat it ? well, basically what you have to do is to get one of the seeds from this whole big part.  you take one seed yeah that looks a little bit like this and peel this green skin .


well, it’s easy easiest to use your teeth for that. all right , so peel the green skin off , then add white like this,  and here there’s like very thin white layer which you also need to peel off.  okay once it’s done after nearly you could technically eat the seed as it is.  but if you eat it as it is it want to be really tasty,  because inside there is a green sprout and this green sprout is unbelievably bitter.  like old Chinese people will tell you that you should eat it because it’s very healthy and supposed to help for your sore throat.  but unless you’re really desperate to help your sore throat I really recommend just taking it out and just eat this white part and it’s very crunchy really tasty tasted a little bit like fresh sunflower seed, maybe a bit more sweeter. well in general is a great snack very healthy and really cheap I paid like 10 RMB 10 yun for 3, I know how to call it yeah for three big parts like this.  so enjoy

what's lotus ?